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Modern Stucco

Discover the sleek sophistication of our smooth stucco finishes, perfect for modern homes seeking a minimalist yet elegant exterior that complements any contemporary design.

Stucco, Masonry

Crafted Stone Veneer Enhancing Classic Home Architecture

Showcasing our specialization in stone, stone veneer, and masonry, this residence exudes elegance with its expertly crafted stone base. The rich textures and robust quality of our masonry accentuate the vibrant blue siding, creating an eye-catching curb appeal that stands as a hallmark of our work.

Masonry, Fireplace

Flint Hills Gray

Twilight view of a modern home's stone veneer work, marrying natural texture with simple design.

Stucco and Masonry, Fireplace

Brickwork on a Modern Home

Exemplary brick work defines this modern home's luxurious facade and serene poolside area.

Masonry, Fireplace

Chalkstone Charm

Creamy stone & white stucco masterpiece in Clyde Hill

Stucco and Masonry

Tile on Barn House

Explore this captivating project featuring beautifully installed tiles on a charming barn house.


Snohomish Residence

Stucco and Masonry

Kylan Str


Black River

Experience the perfect blend of modern and natural elements in a custom home featuring natural cedar siding and stone veneer.

Masonry, Mutual Material

Cutom White

Custom home with siding, cultured stone, and Wisconsin window sills and wall caps for a unique and durable finish.

Masonry, Eldorado stone

Mutual Use

This stunning brick project features the Olde Towne Collection, evoking a nostalgic feel of the good old days of ice cream parlors and soda fountains. The rich range of colors, from deep reds to warm terracotta, creates a timeless and inviting atmosphere that is sure to impress.

Masonry, Fireplace

Iron Brick

A beautiful traditional-style home that seamlessly blends brick and siding. The use of contrasting textures and colors creates a stunning visual appeal that is sure to turn heads.




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