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What We Offer:

-The opportunity for professional growth within the company in -various directions.
-Starting salary of $850 per month.
-Cover costs for professional courses, certifications, or conferences that enhance job skills.


-Advanced communication skills in English and Russian, both verbally and in writing.
-The ability to work autonomously and take initiative in completing tasks.
-Strong organizational and time management skills, suitable for a dynamic environment.
-Proficiency in using office applications and technology necessary for remote communications.
-An innovative attitude and openness to proposing creative and effective solutions.

Main Responsibilities:

-The flexibility of remote work, requiring availability between 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM, Washington State time.
-Remotely manage daily business operations, ensuring efficient completion of tasks and projects.
-Organizing and scheduling meetings, including the necessary logistical coordination for conducting them online.
-Managing correspondence in English and Russian, ensuring clear and professional communication with clients and suppliers.
-Prepare and organize necessary documentation with a keen attention to detail and accuracy.
-Coordinating and planning business travel as required.
-Promoting a proactive approach by bringing ideas and suggestions for improving operations and business processes.


The role of the Owner's Personal Assistant is to ensure efficient and organized management of the business, operating remotely. We are looking for a self-taught individual, proactive, and capable of bringing new ideas and suggestions to improve business processes. It is crucial for the assistant to have advanced skills in English and Russian to communicate effectively with clients and suppliers.

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